Clarkson a traitor

by Lurch on September 26, 2007

Ho hum.

Kim Du Toit often talks about how just because you agree with people on one set of issues it does not then follow that you must agree with them on a particular set of other issues.

I always previously thought of Jeremy Clarkson as One Of Us because of his view on such things as political correctness and such like, so I was more than surprised to find out that he is in fact a traitorous scum bag who wants to rip up our constitution and sign us up to the United States of Europe.

I also like the idea of a giant European state tempering American stupidity and Chinese economic might.

This is a point of view usually pitched by sandal wearing, beardie yoghurt knitters.

Let me tell you what this super state would mean.


Yup, sooner or later the posturing and bullshitting of this superstate would lead to conflict with one or both of the powers JC mentions.  It will start with economic conflict and sooner or later end up with a big fucking scrap. 

JC and chums imagine a level headed mediator.  The reality might be something a bit more like this:

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