Popery, a bit crazy

by Lurch on September 17, 2010

Ho hum.
Looks like I’ve fallen out with an old friend over the state visit of the head of the Catholic church.
He’s rather upset that I don’t show his religion, nor it’s officers any respect. He’s even called me un-libertarian because of it. Firstly on Twitter I called the pope an ex-NAZI (which he is) in a skirt (looks like a skirt to me). This is seemingly hurling insults.
Now it seems to me there is nothing remotely un-libertarian about this. I’m not trying to enact laws to prevent his popeness from wearing a silly costume, nor am I trying to prevent him popping (popeing?) over for a wee visit to his fan club. Though I do object vehemontly to being forced under threat of violence to pay for said visit.
I have read the comment in more than one place that Catholics are tax payers too and therefore it is quite alright to force the rest of us to pay for the visit. Isn’t that what all special interest groups say? Isn’t that pretty un-libertarian?
I’ve been surprised by more than one libertarian coming out as a Papist, just as surprising to me as if Sean Gabb were to say he was a radical Islamist really. Catholisism strikes me as a particularly anti-libertarian religion, even by the standards of religions. Not as much as Islam obviously but they do seem rather fond of telling everyone else what they should and shouldn’t do and aren’t shy of trying to get laws passed to do so.

What always shocks me about Popery is the fawning deification of the head of the church. He is after all just the top priest not god walking amongst us but to see the reaction and veneration one could be given for making that mistake. Popery also strike me as odd in it’s idolitary. It is quite common to see statues supposedly of ‘The Virgin Mary’ or ‘Jesus’ worshipped in catholisism. That can’t be right? Surely that’s blasphemy by your own codes?

It’s suggested that atheists should respect others religions, that we should refrain from pointing out failings or being ‘a bit rude’ about others beliefs. I understand that people are a bit protective about their religion, that they should feel insulted when non-believers say what a load of old shit believing in sky pixies is. However it is not on that we should be expected to tread on egg shells just because someone choses to believe in fairies at the bottom of their garden, if you are so prissy about your deity then perhaps you aren’t so firm in your beliefs? Is it not the case that by requiring me to honour your beliefs you are requiring me to buy in to them, to bear false witness? My belief that religion is hocus pocus are just as important to me and to make me pretend that all that mummery is anything but theatre is to disrespect me just as much as you say you are disrespected yourself.

I’m sorry that my old friend has fallen out with me, he’s a good bloke and I do respect his choice to believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church but I must be true to my own beliefs.
Sorry Gregg, I know you’ve taken it personally and I do understand why but I don’t mean to single you out and I have to follow my own path.

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Keith September 17, 2010 at 12:39 pm

Great! I couldn’t have put it better myself. I am a Pagan. To me all this crap about a little old man in the sky waiting to give us eternal life and saying he loves us because we are his children is totally unbelievable. I never believed it as a young child when I was forced to go to church and Sunday Skool, and I was severely punished when I proclaimed that the bible just a book written by a load of cranks. My parents (catholic) disowned me as a “devil worshipper”, etc., etc. Why would I want to worship one of their gods anyway?

Keith September 17, 2010 at 12:50 pm

I must say something about your “gun culture”.

“A culture where guns are recognised as tools, respected but not feared. Where criminals are punished, but the ordinary citizen is trusted”.

Yes, a gun IS a tool, but it’s a tool with but one purpose. To threaten and kill! There is no other use for it. As to the ordinary citizen being trusted I found out that I am NOT to be trusted with a gun even though I have never had one! I was refused a licence, with no explanation given.

The yobo who held me up with a gun once and robbed me got a small fine, his gun taken away and virtually just a slapped wrist! Why? His gun was a fake, but I didn’t know that at the time; if I had I would have beaten him to a pulp!

Lurch September 17, 2010 at 7:59 pm

I think I may have a wee idea why you got knocked back for a licence!
My guns have a number of purposes, certainly none of mine have ever been used to threaten or kill anyone. Unless you count clays, bunnies et al. Some of those have been threatened, less of them actually killed though!
We don’t live within a gun culture, but we should. My point is that the ordinary citizen is not trusted but should be.

John K September 23, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Calling the Pope an ex-Nazi because he was conscripted into the Hitler Youth as a teenager is obviously stupid and offensive. Is it any wonder your friend thinks you’re a tosser?

Lurch September 24, 2010 at 9:41 am

Obviously stupid and offensive.

Why stupid? Do we have any evidence (other than his word, which isn’t worth the paper it isn’t written on) that he joined unwillingly? I’m sure there is a vast number of people who joined up willingly who suddenly decided that they were coerced once they were on the losing side. I heard he also manned AA guns in the latter stages of the war too.
Offensive? Maybe so, but no more offensive than being lectured by a crazy old tosser who believes in sky pixies and thinks it’s his business to come and tell us how to live our lives. If him and his fancy dressing kiddy fiddler cohorts want to believe in fairies and partake in bizarre rituals to kow tow to the desert god of a stone age middle eastern tribe then fair play to him – but he can keep hs bloody lectures to his own crowd.

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