Tough on employment, tough on the causes of employment

by Lurch on October 1, 2010

Any romantic notions that the current regime might be slightly more pro-business than the last bunch of cunts evaporated like morning mist when I read the following:

Employers will not be able to ask people who apply for a job about their health under new equality laws that come into force today.

Staff who are dyslexic, have taken a large number of sick days or who look after disabled and elderly relatives will also find it easier to win unfair dismissal cases under the new law.

….It will be illegal to ask how much time off work a prospective employee has taken.

As if it wasn’t unbelievably difficult enough to get rid of useless employees as it is, now it seems to be illegal to establish if a prospective employee can actually do the job or be relied upon to turn up for work.

Of course this horrible piece of anti-employer legislation was the product of the previous regime but the current twats have failed to kick it into touch.

Today also sees the increase in minimum wage at a time when businesses are under pressure like never before in recent times, another piece of anti-prosperity legislation which has quite the opposite effect of it’s intended purpose. Quite simply minimum wage encourages work to be exported to places where costs are lower, there are no magic higher paid jobs falling like manna from heaven hence those whose only option was these jobs end up on welfare or other make-work schemes.

Meet the new boss, just as anti-prosperity as the old boss.

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Mike October 3, 2010 at 11:44 pm

The main reason I haven’t employed someone to help in my business is the mass of legislation in favour of the employee – no matter how lazy, feckless or “sick” they turn out to be.
I guess the government is quite happy to see me working 60+ hours a week for less than the minimum wage until I reach the point where I finally keel over & become a burden upon the NHS.

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