Special Interest Group in ‘Sense of Humour Failure Shocker’

by Lurch on November 25, 2010

From The Telegraph

David Cameron was accused by campaigners today of breaking the law by cracking an ”appalling” joke comparing Commons Speaker John Bercow to one of the Seven Dwarfs.
David Cameron criticised over John Bercow dwarf joke
Speaker of the Commons, John Bercow with wife Sally Photo: PA
9:45AM GMT 25 Nov 2010

A charity which helps people with primordial dwarfism and other forms of restricted growth said the comments were a form of harassment – and called for talks with the Prime Minister.

In a dig at Mr Bercow – believed to be 5ft 6in tall – Mr Cameron said that health minister Simon Burns’s driver had accidentally hit the Speaker’s car while reversing.

When Mr Bercow said he was ”not happy” about the incident, Mr Cameron quipped to journalists at a Westminster lunch yesterday, Mr Burns retorted: ”So which one are you?”.

Bercow is a vile snake, he could be 6’6″ and still be a ”stupid, sanctimonious dwarf”

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Mike December 18, 2010 at 1:13 am

WTF is “primordial dwarfism” anyway?

Berkow isn’t a dwarf in any case; he’s a shortarse with all the attitude attached to that (short) status.
He should be employed as a goat sexer, seeing as he wouldn’t need to duck to have a look.

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