Gun Cop is Violent Thug?

by Lurch on December 9, 2010

Is this really the kind of person we want to be deployed on our streets with automatic weaponry?

From the local rag

Sergeant Steve Watson was accused of attacking his police officer girlfriend and assaulting a male police officer he wrongly suspected she was having an affair with, a tribunal has heard.

Sgt Watson – who worked in Cumbria police’s highly-trained tactical support task force based at Ulverston – was said to be “jealous” and “angry” because he thought his girlfriend Police Constable Karen Johnson was having an affair with Police Constable Paul Williams behind his back.

The tribunal heard an accusation that he drunkenly attacked PC Johnson at home, pinning her down and “banging her head on the floor a couple of times”.

In a separate incident during a firearms training exercise, it was said he assaulted PC Williams.

I’d like to think a person prone to this kind of behaviour wouldn’t be allowed a shotgun certificate much less be let loose on our streets with military style weapons supposedly charged with our protection.

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