Another Cumbrian Firearms Officer is a Thug?

by Lurch on January 13, 2011

Bloody hell, is it a prerequisite that you have to be a thug to be a firearms officer in Cumbria Constabulary? I imagined you’d have all sorts of psychological flimflammery to go through to make sure you weren’t a strutting cock chicken scrapping thug before getting to be a firearms officer. Seemingly not. Or the tester has his chart the wrong way up or something.
From the local rag:

A police officer has left the Cumbrian force after he was arrested for assaulting a sergeant on a police night out.

Former PC Craig McAllister was arrested on suspicion of assault following a brawl in the Vine Hotel in Whitehaven on December 16.

He was suspended after the incident, said to have occurred when the other policeman intervened in a dispute between Mr McAllister and a female officer. He was later cautioned and resigned on Thursday.

The victim, described at the time as a man in his 30s, suffered minor injuries.

The News & Star can reveal that it was the second time the officer was arrested after he was alleged to be involved in a fracas at a pub in Durham.

He was one of two officers from Cumbria who were locked up for public order offences in the Bishop’s Mill pub in Millennium Place in November 2009 after reports of rowdy behaviour and people dancing on tables.

They were part of the force Tactical Support Group, trained to use firearms, who were on a training course.

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