EU Gun Control

by Lurch on November 13, 2007

From time to time I hear people who think that the EU will eventually lead to more liberal gun laws here in the UK.  They reason that because many of our neighbours have less strict gun control that EU law will eventually standardise to the French or German model.  They are of course quite wrong.  The EU is not in the business of providing freedom, it is in the business of control.  What is much more likely is that the EU will at first make a minimum level of control, not restricting the big two, whilst allowing more strict control in member states.  Then having established competency over that area of state law it will tighten up the screw until such time as it can outlaw guns in private ownership entirely.

Could this then be the first step on the road?

A British MEP is hoping to “fast track” a new EU deal on gun control and says last week’s school massacre in Finland should act as a wake up call.

The new directive would make it harder to buy guns across the EU. 

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Adam- November 13, 2007 at 10:15 pm

Haven’t they yet caught on to the fact that’s easier to make a decent blowback machine gun from scratch than it is to make a functional replica conversion? Thank goodness criminals are such numpties, or politicians will have no choice but to gather up our hunting rifles to put a further “firm brake on our dangerous gun culture”.

By the way Lurch, what happened to the proposed pro-self defence organization? It’s about time the sizable and potentially powerful pro-RKBA minority in this country stuck its oar in.

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